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Fallback Searches

The following sections cover the Alfred fallback searches that are provided by the Doctor Drafts Alfred workflow.

Fallback Searches can be configured to be displayed in Alfred when you type in an entry. When the entry does not match a keyword, Alfred can be configured to offer up some tailored searches. Ofen this is tied to people’s favourite search engine and other web sites. But, they can also be linked up to other types of searches. In this case searches related to Drafts.

Available Fallback Searches

Title External Call Description
Title Search for Draft drtitle Search for a draft by title, listing the matching drafts in Alfred.
Search for Draft drfind Search for a draft by content, listing the matching drafts in Alfred.
Open Drafts Workspace drws Search for and open a Drafts workspace by name.
Search Drafts Forum drsfor Open a pre-populated web search on the official Drafts forum.

Enabling Fallback Searches

You can enable Doctor Drafts’ fallback searches in Alfred by following these steps.

  1. Open Alfred’s preferences.
  2. Select Features.
  3. Select Default Results.
  4. Set your desired option for whern fallbacks should be used (at bottom of the preference pane).
  5. Select Setup fallback results.
  6. Select the “+”.
  7. Select Workflows.
  8. Select the fallback search you would like to add, and repeat for as many services as you would like.
  9. Drag and drop the entries in the fallback search list to get the order you would like.
  10. Select Save and you may then close the Alfred preferences window.