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Table of contents
  1. Flow - drprocessfiles
    1. Description
    2. Variables
      1. Used
      2. Created
    3. Termination
    4. Flow
    5. Notes

Flow - drprocessfiles


This flow takes in a set of files and for each file, passes it on to be processed by another flow, as specified by the externalCall variable.

This is a generic pre-processor for file actions. You pass one of more files in, after specifying the flow to run on each of them, and then the script in this flow takes care of the rest for you.



The following variables can be passed in and will be processed by the flow.

Variable Description
query * One or more files (file paths).
externalCall * The name of the flow to process each file with.

* These are mandatory for triggering this flow.

Note: Any number of other variables could be mandatory or available overall. The externalCall variable content will determine which flow is to be called, andf the variables for that flow must be taken into consideration too.


No variables are created by this flow.


The process does not have a termination action as such flows usually do. Instead the final script actiomn will dynamically trigger a further flow.




  • The processing script will split any strings containing tabs into separate elements before processing.
    • This is to help process some of the more complex file action set-ups where the file paths for the selected files get stored and ‘auto-converted’ to tab separated strings by Alfred during the process.