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Change Log

The change log below provides high level details of the changes in each release. You can download a particular release by selecting the linked version number.

Version Release Date Notes
1.10.1 2023-02-04
  • FIX: Updated `drdiag` to include version and build details for version number.
  • FIX: Updated `drdiag` to check for Alfred 5 and Alfred 5 PowerPack licensing (changed from v4) - thanks to D Voltz for flagging.
1.10.0 2022-11-19
  • CHANGE: Switched from environment variables to user configuration - a new Alfred 5 feature.
  • CHANGE: Switched audio notification processing from BASH to ZSH script.
  • CHANGE: Default audio notification is now 'Morse' rather than 'Hero'.
  • CHANGE: Added additional audio options (user configuration) and logic to the workflow update checking.
  • DOC: Corrected a typo in a variable name in 'drqfu' flow documentation
1.9.0 2022-10-16
  • INFO: This release is the first to require Alfred version 5. If you are remaining on version 4, please continue to use the previous release. You can download every version from its linked version number in this table.
  • FIX: Delete `UUID` variable after each run to fix appending flows where UUID has not been explicitly set.
  • ADD: Added URL handler triggers for external calls.
  • DOC: Added new external call trigger examples for AppleScript and URL handlers.
  • DOC: Added some missing external call triggers to external call trigger list.
  • INFO: Draft user guide site links updated.
  • INFO: Draft scripting links updated to match scripting site update.
  • INFO: Draft beta scripting links updated to match scripting site update.
1.8.0 2022-04-16
  • FIX: Amendment to Python call script to resolve a bug for users who only have Python 3.
  • ADD: `drwsurl` flow to copy workspace URL to clipboard.
  • CHANGE: Deprecated 'drbeta' as Drafts betas are now managed via Testflight on macOS.
  • CHANGE: Updated `drdiag` to include current workflow version and available workflow version.
  • CHANGE: Updated `drdiag` to include content of various ZSH configuration files.
  • CHANGE: Updated `drdiag` styling of shell script information blocks.
1.7.0 2022-01-30
  • CHANGE: Python dependent actions now call Python scripts in a fundamentally new, and hopefully better, way.
  • CHANGE: 'drdiag' now references new guidelines for setting up Python.
  • ADD: `drpyver` debugging flow for getting the Python version number Doctr Drafts will use.
  • DOC: Correction of typo in v1.5.0 version information.
1.6.0 2021-12-29
  • ADD: 'drnew' now includes an option to also run an action on the newly created draft.
  • ADD: 'dropennew' now includes an option to also run an action on the newly created draft.
  • ADD: external triggers for draft creation ('dropennew', 'drcreate', 'drnew', 'drnewfile') now support optional action running.
  • ADD: 'drtitle' (keyword and external trigger) now includes an option to also run an action on the newly created draft.
  • ADD: 'drfind' (keyword and external trigger) now includes an option to also run an action on the newly created draft.
  • ADD: external trigger for draft opening by UUID ('dropenuuid') now supports optional action running.
  • CHANGE: Set non-universal actions that can be universal actions to explicitly not be using new Alfred setting.
  • CHANGE: Set non-file actions to never specify a Drafts action to run. You can create your own custom file actions with Drafts action calls.
  • FIX: Potential improvement to reliability of the non-admin beta update process.
1.5.1 2021-10-09
  • FIX: Eliminated additional spaces occurring in draft creation.
1.5.0 2021-08-30
  • ADD: 'drwfu' flow and keyword to trigger checks for Doctor Drafts workflow updates.
  • ADD: New quick reference viewer.
  • DOC: Correction to 'drqr' input variables.
  • DOC: 'Settings' section renamed to 'Workflow' and a redirect put in place.
1.4.0 2021-08-07
  • ADD: Fallback searches now available.
  • ADD: Universal actions now available.
  • FIX: Clear option name when triggering workspace search via 'dr' keyword trigger.
  • DOC: Correction to some of the termination options for a subset of information flows.
1.3.0 2021-07-31
  • ADD: 'drpaste' to find and paste the content of a draft directly to the cursor position.
  • ADD: New self diagnostic report for Doctor Drafts via 'drdiag'.
  • ADD: New Drafts storage report via 'drstor'.
  • FIX: Clear option name when triggering title search via 'dr' keyword trigger.
  • FIX: Corrected wording in 'drcopy' notification.
1.2.0 2021-06-02
  • ADD: Non-admin user update process for Drafts beta.
  • ADD: 'drnewfile' flow for creating new drafts from file content.
  • ADD: 'drprocessfiles' flow for generic independent processing of files in file actions.
  • ADD: 'drcombinefiles' flow for concatenated processing of files into the creation of a new draft.
  • ADD: 'drlogfile' flow for the appending of the file content to a draft through the Doctor Drafts logging process.
  • ADD: 'drredirurl' to allow copying of Drafts website redirect URL to open a draft.
  • ADD: 'drbscr' to search list of links for Drafts beta scripting reference.
  • ADD: Options to allow copying of Drafts website redirect URL to open a draft for title and content searches.
  • ADD: File actions for draft creation (separate or combined for multi-file selection), appending and prepending.
  • ADD: Added file action infrastructure for logging.
  • ADD: Option to specify own audio file for the audible completion notification.
  • INFO: Added additional flow info to error messages.
  • FIX: Difference in Unicode 'normalization' between Alfred and Drafts.
  • FIX: Changed `dractionsearch` to require an argument.
1.1.0 2021-04-30
  • ADD: workspace name filtering for 'drws'.
  • FIX: for UTF encoded text for 'drnew'.
1.0.0 2021-04-21
  • INFO: First post-beta release.
  • INFO: Added additional block notes.
  • FIX: Fixed substitution error in 'drinfo' → 'drhelp' selection chain.
0.1.1 2021-04-18
  • ADD: Added quick reference functionality.
  • ADD: Added link back to workflow web site.
  • FIX: Fixed newline error in Drafts beta update check.
0.1.0 2021-04-11
  • INFO: First release to Doctor Drafts beta testers.
  • INFO: Includes initial go-live of