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Table of contents
  1. Road Map
    1. Alfred Workflow
      1. Planned
      2. Delivered
    2. Web Site
      1. Planned
      2. Delivered
    3. Submit Your Ideas

Road Map

Alfred Workflow


  • Extend dropennew to be able to deal with tags passed in via the tags variable.
  • More URL copy options for workspaces, running actions, etc.
  • Allow users to sort drafts lists by different criteria - asc/desc : dates/text.
  • Add quick reference for Markdown syntaxes.
  • Add quick reference for Drafts URL scheme.
  • Consider having a recent history of keyword triggered Doctor Drafts instructions.


  • Live search for actions by name.
  • Universal actions.
  • Fallback searches.
  • Additional diagnostics and help for new installs.
  • File actions.
  • Custom sounds for audiblew notification.
  • Fix UTF translation issue with drnew.
  • Add support to drwsfor searching workspaces by name in Alfred.
  • Addition of quick reference materials.

Web Site


  • Nothing planned currently.


  • Fixed checkmark list layout on mobile.
  • Enable site search.
  • Fix broken web site navigation on narrow displays (desktop and mobile).

Submit Your Ideas

If you have any ideas for what you would like to see added to the workflow or the web site, reach out to me via Mastodon (, or the Drafts community forum. While there is no guarantee of addition, I am always open to suggestions.