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Table of contents
  1. Flow - Append to Draft
    1. Description
    2. Multi-File Enabled?
    3. File Types
    4. Variables
      1. Created
    5. Termination
    6. Flow

Flow - Append to Draft


Append to an existing draft from a file. When passed multiple files the flow will append each file in turn to the selected draft.

Draft selection is a manual process as part of this flow, with the user being prompted through Alfred to specify the draft to append to by searching for the draft based on the content of the draft.

Multi-File Enabled?


File Types

  • +public.text



The following variables are set-up by the flow.

Variable Description
action Name of the action to run against a file - initialised to blank to force no Drafts action when processing as an Alfred file action.
initial Used to store the {query} content for use at the end of the flow.
_UUID Global variable that the UUID is transferred into.
externalCall The subsequent flow to call (drappendfile).