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Table of contents
  1. Flow - drqref
    1. Description
      1. Quick Reference
    2. Variables
      1. Used
      2. Created
    3. Termination
    4. Flow
    5. Scripting
      1. Sample Code (AppleScript)
      2. URL
    6. Notes

Flow - drqref


Doctor Drafts includes some useful quick reference information files. This flow enables the selection and display of the quick reference files using a Mac standard file viewer.

Quick Reference

The available quick reference options are:

  • Links.
  • Search options.
  • Date/time formatting using strftime.
  • Template tags.



The following variables can be passed in and will be processed by the flow.

Variable Description
qlfallback When set to 1, will use Quick Look debugger to view quick reference content, otherwise a web viewer will be used.


The following variables are set-up by the flow.

Variable Description
NotificationTitle The title to be shown in any completion notification.
NotificationMessage The message to be shown in any completion notification.


  • External Trigger: drcomplete
  • Run Script: displays the quick reference file




Sample Code (AppleScript)

tell application id "com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred" to run trigger "drqref" in workflow "com.thoughtasylum.doctordrafts"




  • By default a web viewer will be used to view quick reference content.
    • This is driven via a command line call to a workflow automation distributed with this Alfred workflow.
    • The alternative (specified as variable qlfallback = 1) will switch back to the quick look debugger.
      • The window title for the quick look debugger will contain the word “[DEBUG]”.