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Table of contents
  1. Flow - dr
    1. Description
    2. Variables
      1. Used
        1. Query Commands
      2. Created
    3. Termination
    4. Flow
    5. Notes

Flow - dr


Trigger one of the Alfred keyword sequences for Doctor Drafts via a single External Trigger. Instead of typing in dr to get a Command List, this passes in a reference ID used by the filter list specified by dr. That then triggers the required Alfred keyword input.

For some triggers, it would be better to use the Etxrenal Trigger, but sometimes it cn be useful to trigger Alfred. particularly where script list blocks are involved. This then allows users to do things such as create hot key combinations to trigger the same things as Alfred keywords, without needing to modify Doctor Drafts, or reproduce its content in their own workflow.



The following variables can be passed in and will be processed by the flow.

Variable Description
query * The query command for the basic command to execute.

* These are mandatory for triggering this flow.

Query Commands

Query Command Keyword Triggered Description
1-drnew drnew Create a new draft
1-dropennew dropennew Create and open a new draft
1-drapp drapp Append text to a user selected draft
1-drpre drpre Prepend text to a user selected draft
1-drdict drdict Dictate text to a new draft
2-drtitle drtitle Find a draft with a matching title and open it
2-drsearch drsearch Open a draft search in Drafts
2-drqsearch drqsearch Open a quick search in Drafts
2-dractionsearch dractionsearch Open an action search in Drafts
2-drfind drfind Find a draft with matching content and open it
2-drurl drurl Find a draft with matching content and put a URL to open it on the clipboard
2-drcopy drcopy Find a draft with matching content and put its content on the clipboard
3-drbeta drbeta Download and install the latest Mac beta
3-drws drws Load a named workspace
3-drnoise drnoise Toggle completion noise
3-drnotify drnotify Toggle completion notification
3-drbmail drbmail Open beta feedback e-mail
3-drfeedback drfeedback Open feedback e-mail
4-drinfo drinfo Search for Drafts information
4-drdoc drdoc Search for Drafts documentation
4-drdir drdir Search for Drafts directory section
4-drfor drfor Search for Drafts forum section
4-drscr drscr Search for Drafts scripting documentation section
4-drbscr drbnscr Search for Drafts beta scripting documentation section
4-drtad drtad Search for Drafts TADpoLe scripting documentation section


No variables are created by this flow.





  • Specification of workflow names is case-insensitive.